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“No frills, no soft soap, no funny business – this is all meat-and-potatoes, straight from the gut and done with skill.”

“That he’s always had the talent to do this is not the question – it’s what does he do next for the encore because this is one hell of an album.”

Popdose (April 2016)

“Hillman’s lyrics are the terrible things I think, but do not say.”

Country Fried Rock (March 2016)

“Bob Hillman’s very talented, a fine writer, and a joy to work with.”

-Peter Case in The Huffington Post (November 2015)

“The 12 songs are produced by no less than singer/songwriter (and Plimsouls/Nerves legend) Peter Case and are a stunning exercise of the harmonious balance of lyrics and music.”

“Sweet and wistful, [Big Sur is] the perfect soundtrack to the oncoming change of seasons.”

Popdose (February 2016)

“Invigorated by Case’s production, Hillman’s ever-incisive writing, and the vote of confidence he received from the many friends and fans who enthusiastically backed his Kickstarter campaign, Lost Soul is an assured, sonically expansive album.”

No Depression (June 2016)

“Cult-fave singer/songwriters’ tendency to attract one another is one possible reason former Plimsouls’ frontman/longtime troubadour Peter Case is on board here as producer and Joseph Arthur handles guitar duties. But it’s more likely that West Coast songsmith Hillman’s razor-sharp lyrics and unfailingly infectious melodies drew the aforementioned artists into his orbit.”

Diffuser (February 2016)

“You can tell from the first note of the aptly names “I Think I’ve Taken Enough S*** From You This Year” that this isn’t going to be your normal folk-rock Bob Hillman record.”

“Hillman’s literate, tuneful songwriting is on full display on Lost Soul but—with the help of (Peter) Case and (Joseph) Arthur—he has tapped into a fresh, contemporary sonic landscape.”

Vents Magazine (May 2016)

“You are definitely in for a strange but delightful experience when you enter into the world carefully crafted by Bob Hillman and Peter Case that is “Lost Soul…”

Backstage360 (June 2016)