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My #1 song on @Spotify (2.1K spins) - a droll(ish) story song called The Drunken Alterboy (SIC) - is the first and worst I ever recorded. 1/

I was a part-time Deadhead in the late 80s/early 90s.

Yesterday, while walking the dog, my kids translated London Calling into Chinese. Am I a great parent, or what?!? Don't answer that...

Even without my glasses, I can see Lost Soul on the top of @kprradiobob's pile of CDs. But, of course, I know what it looks like...

Bob McWilliams@kprradiobob

Ripping tracks for Saturday's Trail Mix, airing 1-4 pm on #MyKPR

Twitter is not a forum for domestic complaints, but my wife's kinda bogarting the new #JenniferEgan novel.

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